puppy blonde 380x250 - 3 of the Best Puppy Treats for Training

3 of the Best Puppy Treats for Training

August 12, 2018

In Cute Dog Picture’s previous article, we spoke about several...

puppy brown 380x250 - Top 3 Tips to Training your Puppy

Top 3 Tips to Training your Puppy

July 28, 2018

Having a puppy is like having a baby. At the...

happykid 380x250 - 3 of the Cutest Puppies You Should Get

3 of the Cutest Puppies You Should Get

August 27, 2018

Puppies. They are just cute bombs that detonate some massive gushing affection in us when we see them. There is no way getting around it....

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3 Essential Puppy Products to Purchase. Spoiler Alert: #1 is Bully Sticks!

puppy labrador - 3 Essential Puppy Products to Purchase. Spoiler Alert: #1 is Bully Sticks!

When taking care of puppies, it is not enough to learn about what tips and practices should be applied during training. It also doesn’t stop at understanding what treats are best for puppies.

People also need to think about the environment that the puppies are living in, as well as the tools that they have that will make the puppy’s lives better and easier.

It’s like having a baby. What type of bottles do they have? Do you have a stroller? Did you baby proof the house?

All of these can similarly be applied to your puppies. Let’s check out two essential puppy products that you need to purchase.


All-Natural Bully Sticks for Dogs

The first item that Cute Dog Pictures recommends to purchase is bulk bully sticks for your dog or puppy. Bully Sticks are completely natural and healthy for your pup. They are rawhide-free and made from free-range, grass-fed beef. They help with teething and can clean teeth.

Containment Areas

The second item that Cute Dog Pictures recommends to purchase is a containment area. Any dog owner needs to have a place that your puppy can call its own space. For this, you can purchase crates, cages, and even containment areas like big standing pens or gates that only act as walls.

If you do buy a crate, you can also use this for when you are traveling with your dog. You can use it to bring him on trips. Make sure though that your dog can stand and has enough room for them to be stretch and move about.

For pens and gates, make sure you buy one that is sturdy. The plastic ones will most likely get destroyed over time. You have to think about your investment too.

These are essential items because realistically, you can’t watch your dog all the time. Put them in their own space and be sure to train them to be at peace with staying there without any supervision.

dog collar - 3 Essential Puppy Products to Purchase. Spoiler Alert: #1 is Bully Sticks!

Collars and Identification

This is one of the first things that owners should get when they bring their dogs home. It doesn’t really matter whether it is expensive or not. The important thing is that the collar can hold your dog’s identification.

The identification details includes your phone number, address, and the dog’s name. This is important because if your dog runs away or gets lost, it can easily be reunited with you.

There is also a hi-tech approach to finding lost dogs though. Other than the collar, there are now microchips that are injected in between a dog’s shoulder blades. Should a dog get lost, the shelter just scans the chip and the details are in the database.

These are only a few puppy products that you should buy. Again, the point is to make things easier for you and your dog.


3 of the Cutest Puppies You Should Get

happykid - 3 of the Cutest Puppies You Should Get

Puppies. They are just cute bombs that detonate some massive gushing affection in us when we see them. There is no way getting around it. Puppies are just too cute. Some breeds are just cuter than others too. They have that little extra that melts hearts even more.

Some people think that owning a dog based on their cuteness is enough. By all means, people should do what they want. However, people must also consider the benefits and traits that each of these puppies have when they eventually grow in to full fledged dogs.

Without further ado, here are three of the cutest and best puppies you should get.

englishbulldog - 3 of the Cutest Puppies You Should Get

The English Bulldog

There is a reason why English Bulldogs are considered one of the cutest breeds out there. The fact that they are used a lot on postcards or online posts is already testament.

English Bulldogs are short yet stout breeds that have a lot of wrinkles. Their faces are dignified and most of the time, seem to have the expression that they did something wrong.

English Bulldogs are a great dog to own. They don’t grow up to be massive and they stay in the relatively moderate size. Moreover, they are not hairy dogs that have a lot of fur which means it is easier to take care of their coat. Not to mention they won’t be shedding so much.

They are very carefree and prefer just lazing around. When they are awake, they are not that noisy as they don’t bark so much. However, when they sleep though, they are prone to snoring quite loudly.

corgi - 3 of the Cutest Puppies You Should Get


The Corgi has found fame and notoriety on the internet. With all the photos and videos coming out with its floppy ears, innocent face, and wiggly butt. The body composition of the Corgi also lends to its cuteness. It has short legs and a wide body.

When Corgis grow up, they are known to be very loyal. Despite their small stature, they will protect their owners if they need to. This is because the Corgi breed was initially used for herding sheep. They are also very aware of their surroundings and will bark when something is weird or out of place.

They are also very healthy dogs, reaching 15 years of age. They don’t have much genetic problems to worry about.

saintbernard - 3 of the Cutest Puppies You Should Get

Saint Bernard

As a puppy, their eyes always seem to look sad. This is probably why seeing a Saint Bernard puppy always pulls at the heart strings.

The Saint Bernard breed is one of the most intelligent breeds out there. They can learn one or two syllabled commands very quickly. A 15 minute daily session is enough for them to understand how to do certain tasks.

They are a loving breed that just wants to please their masters.

These are only a few of the cutest puppy breeds in the world. We hope that when you decide to get a dog, you consider their characteristics and traits. The Cute Dog Pictures believes that it is important for the dog and owner to fit with one another.

3 of the Best Puppy Treats for Training

puppy blonde - 3 of the Best Puppy Treats for Training

In Cute Dog Picture’s previous article, we spoke about several tips that trainers should learn and utilize when they are training their puppies. One of the points there spoke about using the positive reinforcement method.

The positive reinforcement method presents a cause and effect situation to your puppy. When they behave a certain way, they are rewarded with a treat. The treat here is very important. It is what the dogs look forward to. It is also what helps rewire their brain to have new commands.

Most anything can be considered a treat, just so long as it is not one that your dog is allergic to or can choke on. There are so many choices you can choose from.

However, with choice comes ranking. Like cream in a cup of coffee, it always rises to the top. Here are three treats we consider to be the best when training your puppies. While we think bully sticks are the best dog treat, here are 3 more:

treat - 3 of the Best Puppy Treats for Training

Wellness CORE Beef Jerky Bites

The first treat we have is Wellness CORE Pure Rewards Soft Beef Jerky Bites. First of all, it is grain free. This is automatically a good thing because most dogs are allergic to grain.

This treat is not actually made for puppies specifically. However, the soft nature of this treat is ideal for puppies as their teeth are not that strong yet.

This treat has a lot of protein in it which is always good for a dog’s diet. Also, it is good for the dog owners. The soft nature of this treat allows you to chop it up into bits and pieces. It will last longer than it should.

Kong Stuff’N Easy Treat

This particular treat is a bit different. Its consistency is a thick liquid. Due to this, it isn’t that messy for the owners. You can just squirt it out to a bowl, but for maximum effectivity, you should use a Kong.

A Kong is a product that dogs can play and eat out of at the same time. Squirting this treat inside a Kong is ideal because your dog gets to play and eat when they feel like it. The Kong also makes the dogs work for their treats since they have to reach it from way inside.

Apart from that, the chicken liver flavor of this treat is sure to be a hit with your dog. Despite that though, it won’t make them fat.

pugeat - 3 of the Best Puppy Treats for Training

Stewart Liver Treats

Finally, we have Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Liver Treats. This is one of the best treats on the market right now. It is a classic, meaning it is a reliable treat that your dogs will surely enjoy.

You can break up these treats and put it on their food for additional nutrients. Or you can just use it straight up as a training treat. This is also good for if you want your dog to gain a little weight. The fact that the dogs love this treat means that training will be easier.

We hope that you continue your training journey and find the best puppy training treats for you and your pet.

Top 3 Tips to Training your Puppy

puppy brown - Top 3 Tips to Training your Puppy

Having a puppy is like having a baby. At the onset, it is a little ball of cute that you can’t help but dote over. However, you quickly learn that there is more to taking care of these two young life forms than just feeding them and looking after them.

There are so many things to take into consideration like how to hold them, the ramifications of your actions, and many others. For dogs, understanding how to train them at a very young age will set the stage for how they act throughout their whole life.

The Cute Dog Pictures team presents three essential and helpful tips that you can learn and apply when training your puppies.

whitepup - Top 3 Tips to Training your Puppy

Use Positivity

Dog training has come a long way since it started. Way back in the day, trainers felt that dogs should respect their trainers and masters without the use of treats. These of course had questionable practices that are now thankfully being replaced with positivity.

Positive reinforcement is now the main way that trainers train their dogs. With this technique, trainers mold the brains of dogs by presenting a cause and effect phenomenon to them. The trainers make their dogs do something, and when they do it, they get a treat.

Not only does this get you results in the fastest time possible, it also serves to strengthen the bond that you have with your dog.

If you aren’t convinced, research has stated that positive reinforcement is the best way to train dogs as those who use punishment will have behavior problems in the future.

Be Consistent

Another tip that you should follow is to be consistent with your training. People think that after the initial training methods, that it is okay to leave the dogs alone. However, like with any skill, without practice or exposure, old behaviors rise up and new skills are lost.

Even if your dog knows the specific commands, it is still in your best interest to refresh your dog several times a week if not in a day.

Apart from that, create rules, routines, and schedules and stick to them. You also need to be consistent with how and when the training happens. Be strict on yourself too.

pug pup - Top 3 Tips to Training your Puppy

Keep Sessions Short

The final tip we’ll be presenting is to have short training sessions. The common practice and belief is that repetition is key. For dogs though, the repetition may prove to be your training’s downfall. Dogs may soon tire of your command if you ask them to sit 100 times a day.

When they are puppies, the short sessions coincide with their short attention spans. As they get older, you can begin to incorporate longer sessions and repetitions.

An ideal session schedule is only five minutes long. Do this for at least three times a day for successful puppy training.

These are only a few training tips for your puppies. We hope you use these tips and build a good relationship with your puppy.