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3 of the Best Puppy Treats for Training

In Cute Dog Picture’s previous article, we spoke about several tips that trainers should learn and utilize when they are training their puppies. One of the points there spoke about using the positive reinforcement method.

The positive reinforcement method presents a cause and effect situation to your puppy. When they behave a certain way, they are rewarded with a treat. The treat here is very important. It is what the dogs look forward to. It is also what helps rewire their brain to have new commands.

Most anything can be considered a treat, just so long as it is not one that your dog is allergic to or can choke on. There are so many choices you can choose from.

However, with choice comes ranking. Like cream in a cup of coffee, it always rises to the top. Here are three treats we consider to be the best when training your puppies. While we think bully sticks are the best dog treat, here are 3 more:

treat - 3 of the Best Puppy Treats for Training

Wellness CORE Beef Jerky Bites

The first treat we have is Wellness CORE Pure Rewards Soft Beef Jerky Bites. First of all, it is grain free. This is automatically a good thing because most dogs are allergic to grain.

This treat is not actually made for puppies specifically. However, the soft nature of this treat is ideal for puppies as their teeth are not that strong yet.

This treat has a lot of protein in it which is always good for a dog’s diet. Also, it is good for the dog owners. The soft nature of this treat allows you to chop it up into bits and pieces. It will last longer than it should.

Kong Stuff’N Easy Treat

This particular treat is a bit different. Its consistency is a thick liquid. Due to this, it isn’t that messy for the owners. You can just squirt it out to a bowl, but for maximum effectivity, you should use a Kong.

A Kong is a product that dogs can play and eat out of at the same time. Squirting this treat inside a Kong is ideal because your dog gets to play and eat when they feel like it. The Kong also makes the dogs work for their treats since they have to reach it from way inside.

Apart from that, the chicken liver flavor of this treat is sure to be a hit with your dog. Despite that though, it won’t make them fat.

pugeat - 3 of the Best Puppy Treats for Training

Stewart Liver Treats

Finally, we have Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Liver Treats. This is one of the best treats on the market right now. It is a classic, meaning it is a reliable treat that your dogs will surely enjoy.

You can break up these treats and put it on their food for additional nutrients. Or you can just use it straight up as a training treat. This is also good for if you want your dog to gain a little weight. The fact that the dogs love this treat means that training will be easier.

We hope that you continue your training journey and find the best puppy training treats for you and your pet.

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