Puppy Events 2018

pug - Puppy Events 2018

There are a great number of people out there who are passionate about pets, specifically dogs. If you’ve ever been passionate about anything in your life, you’d know that finding people who share your passion is a really good feeling that also fans the fuels of your own passion.

One good way to meet these people is to head out and attend the many different dog events that will still be taking place in 2018.

Let’s take a look at several of these events.

The Fox

The first event is called The Fox, a hiking and wine tasting tour where dogs are welcome. This particular event is not only for your dogs, but also for you the owners. The both of you will have a lot to do and enjoy, but those without dogs are also welcome.

This weekly event consists of a morning hike across the scenery of North Carolina. This includes the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Pilot Mountain, the Sauratown Mountains, and many more.

Afterwards, you will be treated with some of the best wine in the country in two wineries. Some of these wines have won awards. Don’t worry though, the wine is not for your dogs.

This event runs up to November 18. You can sign up for the weekly hikes.

K9 Hydrotherapy

This next event takes place in New South Wales, Australia. It focuses more on the health of your dogs via hydrotherapy.

The way this works is, the resistance and pressure of water is utilized in order to make dogs move more. In the process, they get stronger. This is also quite beneficial to older dogs with arthritis. With the water, the pain is lessened and the swelling in their joints is reduced.

The event is actually an opening for the K9 Swim Hydrotherapy and Wellness Centre. The opening will show the whole facility as well as dogs using the new technology. Don’t miss out and attend this event on October 21.

Surf Dogs

Our final event takes place in Huntington Beach, California this September 28 to 30.

At this event, the famous dog surfing circuit opens for all pups to enjoy. Let your dogs surf the waves and enjoy the fun and camaraderie between surfers and families.