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Welcome to Cute Dog Pictures.

We’re sure that most everyone has felt the phenomenon of looking at a puppy. Your body reacts in an excited way. Your eyebrows try to reach your hairline. The tone of your voice reaches new heights. You gush and melt inside.

Why is it that puppies have this effect on people? The most obvious reason would have to be the fact that they are just so darn cute. However, we at Cute Dog Pictures think that it is more than that.

We feel that in looking at puppies, it shows us a nicer world. It gives us a glimpse of something away from the hardships of life. And it is also a window to the future of this puppy; when it becomes your best friend and life companion.

With every photo we take, we hope to convey these messages to the purveyors of our humble website.

Apart from sharing photos though, we also write articles on a bevy of topics regarding puppies and dogs. We talk about the best methods to train puppies, the best treats that can be used for them, and even just what the best and cutest puppies are.

We hope that you continue to stay on our site. We also hope that whenever you look at pictures of puppies, you take a respite from the hardships of life and understand that you aren’t alone.